What is DOGE UP?

DOGE UP is a 100% crowdsourced cryptocurrency portfolio.

The goal of this project is to see if it's possible to grow a cryptocurrency portfolio using crowdsourcing and automation. It's free to participate in DOGE UP and does not require any investment. You are simply rewarded for making correct predictions on the crypto market.


How does it work?

Our users vote on whether a currency pair will go up or down in value between one date and another, then we make a trade based on the winning prediction. If the trade is profitable, the users who voted correctly are rewarded.

Predictions are made on the vote page. New users start out with a small number of votes. When a voting round opens, users choose how many votes they want to cast. For example, you can cast 5 votes predicting BTC/USD will go up in value between 01:00 and 02:00 UTC.

When a voting round closes, the winning prediction is determined. If your prediction isn't accepted, your votes will be refunded. This means either the opposite prediction received more votes, or not enough votes were cast to initiate a trade.

If your vote is accepted, we will open a trade according to your prediction. For example, if you voted that BTC/USD will go up, we will purchase BTC using USD. If you voted that BTC/USD will go down, we will sell BTC for USD.

After a trade is closed, it will either be profitable or unprofitable. If it's profitable, you’ll get all your votes back, plus a bonus. The more votes you cast, the more you will get back. If the trade is not profitable, you won’t get any votes back.

You are also rewarded a small amount of dogecoin (DOGE) if your prediction results in profitable trade. The amount of dogecoin you earn depends on how many votes you cast and how much proceeds we received from the trade.

Dogecoin can be withdrawn from your account on the balance page once you've reached the minimum required amount.


How do I participate?

DOGE UP is still in development and currently accepts new users on an invite-only basis. You can join our waiting list if you are interested in participating.

Once you’ve received an invite link, you can register an account. After this, you can start making predictions and earning dogecoins. You can also help us make improvements to the project by sending us feedback.

New voting rounds will open automatically until we run out of funding for the portfolio.