Your Space Creation

Affordable and personalized

Our designers work with your style and budget—taking the guess work out of decorating. You’ll share your style and inspiration with your designer—whether you have a Pinterest board full of ideas or are just getting started. They’ll also work with your existing furniture to create a cohesive design and layout.

Collaborative and conveniant

Work one-on-one with your designer online. Anytime, anywhere. You’ll work collaboratively with your designer at your convenience throughout the design process, with access to our messaging platform from any device for sharing ideas and giving feedback.

Painting And Decorating Preparation Services

Helping clear rooms of furniture, furnishings, (taking down curtains, blinds or nets to clear windows), ornaments, wall art and pictures;

Protecting items and floors with dust sheets - so everything is clean, tidy at the end;

Cleaning, filling cracks and holes in walls and ceilings with a ready mixed filler, and woodfilling any woodwork;

Sanding smooth and all surfaces prior to painting to remove any previous imperfections;

Using decorators caulk to fill any settlement cracks in new builds, or cracks in older houses in room corners, or where skirting boards/coving/door frames or picture rails etc. meets the walls - to help achieve a professional finish at the end.

The Actual Painting And Decorating Work

  • 1

    Interior painting and decorating of walls and ceilings;

  • 2

    Woodwork can be painted with high gloss, satinwood (mid sheen), or eggshell (again flatter finish);

  • 3

    Choosing paints that are hard wearing, extra tough, durable or wipeable for high traffic areas such as halls, or kitchens and bathrooms;

  • 4

    Painting of kitchen cupboard doors, furniture, ornate mirror surrounds etc.

Heroes Behind the Company

We are a team of professional designers, planners, architects, color experts and workers passionate about home interriors.

If you need fresh ideas - our designers will give you instructions on how to begin the design process, a color reference board, a hand-drawn space plan, and a detailed shopping list for your space plan. Anything missing?

If you want it to be done - we specialize in decorating including interior painting with associated repair and restoration work, plastering, wallpapering and floor sanding and varnishing.

Racquel Schimek

The founder of Dogeup Studio and a professional designer.

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